Jack Sheridan

Firewall Soldier and Direct Action Mercenary


@-Rep: 40 | C-Rep: 50 | G-Rep: 60 | I-Rep: 40

[Incoming Message Recieved. Source: Faith]
[Analysis: No interception/alteration detected]
[Decryption Complete]

This guy either has a brilliant cover or he is an open book. He’s technically a merc working for Direct Action, though over the past few years he’s been more like a freelancer that pays guild dues. Since his first assignment with Mariah, which led to his recruitment into Firewall, he’s been exclusively working for Firewall (sometimes at a premium) or for independents (frequently at a deep discount), both usually under some cover or other.

Aside from the expected degree of badass in his after-action reports, he seems to operate largely in Mariah’s shadow. This is possibly due to their failed romance shortly after they started working together, which from his personal logs reportedly failed because “she required a far better man than I”. Really though, from what I can see, she actually just required a more complicated partner, Jack was too upstanding and straightforward to hold her interest. For better or worse, that’s the only “dirt” on the guy… at least that I can find from here. Still, if you want to manipulate him, he could use a friend right about now. If nothing else, I could probably win him over for us. The man is lonely and single, though he’ll do a good job of hiding it.

- Faith

[End Message]

Jack Sheridan

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