Dr. Henry Eden

Titanian Representative to the Consortium and Hero of the Fall




@-Rep: 90 | C-Rep: 70 | F-Rep: 40 | R-Rep: 90

Before The Fall Dr. Eden was a leading scientist in AGI development and mind emulation. He was a two-time Nobel-Laureate and worked closely with various humanitarian UN organizations to prevent abuses of these technologies and to support AGI rights. When The Fall began Dr. Eden refused to evacuate; he knew that untold millions of people were going to be left behind to die at the hands of the TITANs, or worse. Instead, Dr. Eden and his team (mostly AGIs) assembled upload and farcast shelters that allowed millions of refugees to escape Earth as informorphs. Thanks to Dr. Eden’s influence, most of these informorphs were re-instantiated and almost all remain free to this day.

In the first two years after The Fall, Dr. Eden worked closely with the Planetary Consortium in the reconstruction of human society and economy. It wasn’t long, however, before he grew tired of the Hypercorps’ influence and their disinterest in sentient rights and freedoms, and thus he left the Consortium to work with the Titanian Commonwealth. He was one of the major forces behind the “morph for every ego” policy, and splits his time evenly as the head of that program and his responsibilities as Titan’s representative to the Consortium.

Dr. Henry Eden

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