The Legion Project

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So what I’ve been able to pull together is mostly rumor and speculation, though I’ve nabbed a few revealing and disturbing facts amongst all the noise.

First let’s address the handful of facts I’ve been able to put together, most of which come from before the Fall or directly from the Firewall agents’ files. Pre-Fall there was a related project that is believed to have been a precursor for TITAN development. The idea behind the project was to create a bunch of fundamentally basic low-level AIs that operated in a network, but that were stronger and more intelligent the more AIs were networked together. The idea behind this was that such a network would function as a cyberwarfare platform that would be all but immune to any form of subversion, as compromised individual programs could be isolated and restored from backup almost immediately. While I couldn’t find any proof that the project got anywhere pre-fall, some of the weirder stuff I came across (see below) more or less indicated that the project may have been a success.

Digging around in Jack and Mariah’s mesh and personal logs I found records of The Legion Project, a more recent project tasked with developing an anti-TITAN weapon platform that would be immune to even the TITAN’s subversion, using the same principals mentioned above. Supposedly, Legion is a product of that project. However, no other details are available, and some of what I’ve found doesn’t feel right. All I can say is that I believe there’s more to it than what I’ve found, and that Legion is more than a host of weak networked AIs. It’s just my intuition, which I know most people don’t put much stock in coming from an AGI. ;_;

This is also where I came across the first two of a number of strange recording fragments 1. These didn’t strike me as all that odd initially, the first fragment was buried with the information regarding the Pre-Fall project and the second was in Mariah’s files. It wasn’t until the others started turning up that I noticed something really unusual and I began to get concerned. After picking up these files they effectively ceased to have ever existed anywhere but in my own mesh. After that the files behaved normally, but any record of their presence on the systems where they were found, even the later files that came in on my own forks, was gone. They don’t even remember ever seeing the files, let alone copying them to bring back to me.

I didn’t want to rely on the limited mesh here on the Collective, so I split off a host of forks and farcast them around the system. Most of them have come back, and many of them came back with more fragments that were progressively stranger. I should ahead and point out that the Legion unit brought over by Firewall uses the same, admittedly common, artificial voice pattern found in all the recordings (except for the first fragment, obviously).

So, onto the rumor-mill. Various rumors have identified “Legion” as one of the TITANs, which I think we can dismiss as either a completely reasonable coincidence or just total bunk. If that synthmorph is a TITAN, then either it’s just the nicest TITAN ever or we’re all dead anyway. However, the audio fragment2 that came back with this was unsettling.

Most of the rumors worth paying attention to agree that the project is still in development, so it is possible that this is intended to be a test run for a prototype. This is actually our best hope, as Firewall probably wouldn’t want Legion to face down TITAN technology on its first mission. Of course, we have no way of know if this is its first or tenth, so there you go. Regardless, a similar fragment to the previous one3 came back with the fork that dug this information up.

The only hopeful thing I’m seeing from the rumor-mill is that the platform should be able to counter hacks, most notably even basilisk hacks, and infection vectors (whatever that means) against both itself and those around it. Of course, I can’t confirm that basilisk hacks actually exist, so who knows if this has anything to do with reality. I’m inclined to buy the whole thing at this point though, just because something about the last fragment4 that came back with this rumor struck a chord with me in a really odd way.

The name “Nazara” is familiar to me. I remember hearing it in association with some weird conspiracy theory that was bouncing around the mesh a few years ago. I’ve sent my forks back out to dig up what they can about that name, and hopefully find that file I remember seeing. I’ll let you know when they get back to me, if they get back before we leave anyway.

One last thing, while I was poking around for information I occasionally had the sense that I was being monitored. Nothing with any evidence I could actually point to, mind you, I just felt like something was watching me, something vaguely familiar. All my forks felt the same way. Maybe I’m just keyed up over this whole thing, but I think whatever has been watching me is what’s been feeding me these files.

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ll keep you guys updated.

- Faith

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1 Play Fragment001 and Fragment002

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4 Play Fragment005

The Legion Project

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