House Rules


Networking skills are not always 1-for-1 with their associated rep. For example, you could use Networking: Criminals to get a favor via your Hypercorp rep (perhaps because you’ve already burned all your criminal rep favors for the moment) so long as the favor/contact you were seeking was criminal in nature. Networking: Firewall and Networking: Gatecrashers are thus unusual and frequently unnecessary skills. Sometimes this cross-over of skills will result in a penalty (trying to get ahold of a Scientist via your Networking: Autonomists skill in the inner system, for example)


Stress is not always completely avoidable with a straight-up Will x3 test, sometimes there will be a secondary value, such as (d10+4) | (d10/2) where the first number is the stress for failing the test and the second is the stress if you pass. In these cases, the stress is reduced further from this amount by 1 for every 10 MoS. A critical success will always yield 0 stress.

House Rules

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