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[Incoming Message Recieved. Source: Faith]
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[Decryption Complete]

So here’s what I’ve been able to put together about this chick:

Mariah is a highly respected veteran agent (read: spy) for the Titanian Commonwealth, and would be an icon and hero if half of her exploits were public knowledge. Since joining Firewall this has only become all the more true. While no details are available from any local sources, she has successfully executed at least one operation on Earth and returned physically with whatever she had (presumably) been sent to retrieve.

Not much dirt available from Love and Rage on short notice, but from what I’ve been able to dig out of her mesh and endo I suspect she was once an agent for the PC. I’d go so far as to say she might be an Ozma turncoat, though the timeline for that would have to be pretty specific… Anyway, the only odd thing I’ve picked up from digging around in her info is that I think she was male pre-fall, and for some reason has a complex around this “secret”. Why the hell she cares in this day and age, or thinks anyone else does for that matter, is beyond me. It could be something else, but she’s definitely got some sort of identity problem around her morph.

Mariah is going to be put in operational command of our mission, and as much as I hate to admit it I think we may be in good hands, at least as good as we could hope for given who we’re working with. She appears to share most of our sympathies and ideology. While she’s kind of a hard-ass from what I’ve seen, it’s only because she cares about what she’s doing and the people she’s responsible for.

- Faith

[End Message]


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