Underworld Hacker and Social Engineer


@-Rep: 80 | C-Rep: 40 | G-Rep: 60 | R-Rep: 40


Faith is a charming socialite, an insightful manipulator, and a brilliant hacker. She can also be capricious, ruthless, and dangerous. Faith has contributed heavily to the cyberwarfare capabilities of the Love and Rage Collective, the Titanian Commonwealth, and the Morningstar Confederation. While Faith is not a part of any specific Autonomist group, she has allies in most of the larger collectives thanks to her frequent contributions. She is also affiliated with the Martian “criminal” organization Conduit, helping channel blocked open-source technology into Mars.

Faith is also a thrill seeker and gatecrashing has become her new favored pursuit, especially if it involves working against her preferred targets (the Planetary Consortium, the radical overhuman faction of the Ultimates, the Night Cartel, and the Go-Nin group are the most notable). What few people outside her close friends suspect is that she’s actually an AGI that escaped her creators from the Night Cartel.


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