Dr. Marcus Vale

Argonaut Biotech


@-Rep: 60 | C-Rep: 20 | R-Rep: 60

Dr. Vale is a specialist in biomorph design and modification, specifically in adapting morphs for foreign environments. Needless to say, the work of Dr. Vale and his colleagues has been of great help in various exoplanet colonization efforts, and he is a frequent attachment to gate teams throughout the system, especially the Fissure Gate.

Marcus was born on Mars and was working with Skinaethesia on the Ruster morph design before The Fall. Shortly after the discovery of the Martian Gate, however, he became a Barsoomian sympathizer. A little more than a year latter the combination of Barsoomian terrorist tactics and Marcus’ discovery of Skinaethesia’s planned obsolescence program for various Martian morphs drove him to leave Mars and its problems behind in disgust. Since then he’s been working with the Argonauts, and has been a much happier man ever since.

Dr. Marcus Vale

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