Argonaut security/SAR operator and habitat engineer.




@-Rep: 40 | G-Rep: 30 | R-Rep: 80

Cowboy was part of the first generation of corp indentures, a high iron worker during the off-Earth expansion of the BF 30s. After buying out his contract, he moved into space salvage work, then cross-trained in search & rescue. During the Fall, he was involved in several evacuation missions on Earth before burning his bridges and egocasting out-system to link up with the Argonauts. When he’s not working on habitat design or, less frequently, failure analysis, he’s likely to be handling security or direct action for the Argonauts’ Medean branch.

Cowboy is a long-time friend of Dr. Marcus Vale. They’ve collaborated on several open-source engineering projects (most notably the promising but ultimately ill-fated spidercat smart pet design) and one prior gatecrashing expedition.

Wiley is nominally Cowboy’s pet/partner.


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